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Sorig Institute Programs - Autumn 2014

Upcoming Classes with Eric Rosenbush, L.Ac.

Bay Area, CA | 3-19 October, 2014
3 Oct
Yuthok Nyingthig Puja
4-5 Oct
Intro to Tibetan Medicine (TTM1.1a/KuNye 1.1a)
6 Oct
Public Talk on Himalayan Herbal Medicine — Nevada City, CA
10-12 Oct
Root Tantra Diagnosis and Therapies (TTM1.1b)
13-14 Oct
Tibetan Medicine Anatomy 1 (TTM1.2a)
16 Oct
Practical Training - Horme & External Therapies
17-19 Oct
Ku & Nye Massage Training (KuNye 1.1b)
New York, NY | 1-9 November
1-2, 7-9 Nov
TTM 1.1 - Sowa Rigpa Foundation Course — Tibet House, New York

Additional Upcoming Programs

28-30 Dec
Tibetan Medicine Congress in Nepal
Apr 2015
TTM 1.2 :: Sorig Body Study :: Physiology, Basic Pathology, and the Process of Death
KuNye 1.2 :: Nye & Chi Techniques :: Massage Techniques for Muscles, Joints, and Energy Points
Additional Training in External Therapies
Yuthok Nyingthig Meditation Retreats
Jun-Jul 2015
Summer Program with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.
Aug 2015
Annual Study Trip to Tibet & Online Teachings

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