Mantra Healing


Mantra is the pure essential energy of Sound. Sound in its most essential and pure manifestation has infinite potentiality, therefore reciting a mantra is a way of connecting with and manipulating very specific subtle energies. Tibetan Mantra Healing utilises this technique for healing effect.
Mantra is a Sanskrit word, deriving from ancient India. It means literally, ‘To save the mind from suffering and illness’. The Tibetan term for Mantra is Ngak (Tib. sNgags), and a practitioner of this form of healing is called a Ngakpa.


Often when people hear the word Mantra, they think of the Buddhist or Hindu religions and they associate Mantra with some form of prayer. In general, this is because these religions utilise the energy of Mantras to achieve a spiritual goal. There is another application of Mantras, however, that is less well-known. This is Mantra Healing - the use of specific Mantras for the Healing of diseases. There are many different Mantras for a wide variety of physical and mental problems.



Mantra Healing I


Tibetan Mantra Healing is a powerful form of healing dating from ancient times, which is based upon the philosophy of Interdependent Origination of all Phenomena. The philosophy of Interdependent Origination purports that all phenomena in the Universe are intimately interconnected: no single object, person or event can exist in isolation; every action, thought or event impacts on all other existent phenomena. Through a greater awareness of Interdependent Origination, we can become co-creators of our own reality, and influence important aspects of our lives, such as our health. We can also use these methods to heal manifestations of energy disturbance such as accidental injury and disease.
Modern physics confirms what many ancient cultures have known for many years - that energy and form are interchangeable; they are simply different manifestations of the same universal constituents.
Traditional Tibetan Medicine describes these universal constituents, or potentialities, as the Five Elements. In their most subtle form, these Five Elements have a psycho-physical function which energises the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, as well as - in their more gross aspect - forming the basis of our physical existence. In order to interface with these subtle universal energies, Traditional Tibetan Medicine utilises the five modalities of sensory perception - and their objects, namely form, sound, touch, taste and smell - as a part of its therapeutic approach.


Mantra Healing focuses specifically on the energy of sound as a healing medium. Tibetan Mantra Healing utilises ancient and secret mantras: sometimes encapsulating the essence of natural sounds, and often using ancient words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages.


Mantra Healing Level II

An expansion on the foundations of the first level with deeper practical elements:
• healing with the Medicine Buddha
• using specific mantras such as Dorje Gotrab and Garuda healing.
• mantras used with meals for health and well-being
• healing with the power of mind and adding visualization techniques
• how to use mantra to make cord protections and how to apply mantra in the use of various amulets.


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